CD’s The Demencials

CD's The Demencials

Today I would like to introduce you to the group that gave me the opportunity to design his first CD: The Demencials.

They are from Vic (Barcelona, Catalonia), and they produce a kind of music as punk, since 6 years. Their lyrics talk about the friends, the idealisms, about their lifes, among others. Their hit is “La gran família” and it talks about all their friends and how they help to you if you are in a difficult situation.

This CD represents the work of these last years. The quality of their own lyrics, the sound and the experience that they are getting.

If you want to listen them, please click on the following link:

AVIC passeja i descobreix / In Vic walk and discover

Today I introduce you a part of the project of my career. The goal was promote the tourism in Vic, a city near from Barcelona. This project had several parts (among others the brand identity, signals, publicity…). This is one of two videos that were created in order to attract to the people to discover the senses that Vic offers. This one is named walk and discover, because it is more focused in the architecture and history that Vic has inherited. The senses are represented in five simple icons.

Please don’t pay attention at the technical aspects! Take note that was a project and I don’t study audiovisuals. But I want to show to you the meaning of this video.

I hope you like! :)